Hi! 👋🏼
I'm Samantha!

A Manhattan-born,
rural-PA raised
Mixed / Puerto Rican
Web Developer
& Designer
based in Chicago.

When not working on websites, I’m playing Fall Guys, learning something new, or eating tofu tacos.

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Selected Projects

Here's a bit of what I've been up to!

The Edge Theater

HTML5 - CSS3 - ES6 - Bootstrap - jQuery - Webflow - FullCalendar library

I designed and built the site in Webflow using custom, embedded code and their pre-built components. I used the FullCalendar library for event and availability calendars that automatically update using Google Calendar events.

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Brandon Dzirko

HTML5 - CSS3 - ES6 - Bootstrap - jQuery

My brother is an improviser in Brooklyn, NY and needed a website that reflected his sense of humor and incredible talent. Photos edited in Procreate; site designed in Adobe XD and coded in VS Code.

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<script> the website flatpack for theater makers

Accessibly-Priced Theater Professional Websites

HTML5 - CSS3 - ES6 - Bootstrap - jQuery

<script> is a set of tutorials and coded, styled templates that theater professionals, including students, can use to create a financially accessible website. It is in beta testing right now. If you'd like to get involved, receive updates, or learn more please click "Learn More".

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Let’s collaborate and make something awesome. I specialize in web development and design, but also have experience in UI/UX, and graphic design.

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